Why Us

Dear Parents, It's time to help your child in one of the most important choices they will ever have to make. Selecting the career path they would like to follow and ensuring they are well prepared for prospective admission to the best Medical University so as to secure a successful academic and, in turn, professional career path. The decisions you make with regard to the academic institution that you deem is capable of helping your child fulfil their dreams must be based on a set of highly reliable and essential criteria, as there is no room for error when it comes to your child's future. At Shimi Medicine, we take your children's future seriously and focus on the following important points that put your mind at ease.

Secured Admission

We believe that education is trust. With that in mind, we do not just suggest any medical university for the applicant. Each candidate is unique and we assess every individual case to form a complete picture of the requirements pertaining to the chosen medical field of study (medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine). Before we provide you with the study options on a number of our medical universities, we will first have an extensive discussion based on the academic performance, goals and desires and any educational matter you may be interested in. Then, we will provide you with the available university options that you have met the admission requirements along with in-depth information about tuition fees and living expenses.

Complete & Honest Information

We undertake the completion and submitting of applications required for admission to the medical universities of your choice as well as, translating all necessary supporting documents in the language of the country of the chosen medical university and legalizing them at the local Foreign Office. We also have continuous contact with the universities and tracking of applications until acceptance.

Processing of Paperwork

We represent and are affiliated with the best and fully accredited medical universities in Europe (Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria). We can also help candidates secure a spot in a UK-based medicine programme at New Vision University. Having signed contracts with these institutions, it allows us to secure applicants' admission as long as they meet the minimum grade requirements. Our years of experience, our decade-long dedicated contribution to education and our continuous efforts are our guarantee for the best services to you and especially the best promise that your expectations and our commitments will be fulfilled.

Entry Tests (if applicable)

For those who choose a medical university with entrance exams, we provide the exam material with the exact questions and answers of the actual tests in order to increase the chances of success in the exam. Also, preparatory on-line tutoring from certified tutors is offered. Finally, we are always present in the examination centres whether they are held at the capital of your country or at the medical university you have applied to.

Financial Aid

Although Shimi Medicine is not a provider of funding and grants, we do understand the importance of financing and student loans. Our team is always investigating and following up on any finance opportunities that might arise in each country. When any financing opportunity is found, we make sure that you promptly have access to this information. Also, Shimi Medicine through its partner universities offers tuition fee scholarships at our Open Day lucky draws.

Pre-Departure Events

Going alone to a different country may be a bit worrisome. We believe that you must be fully at ease when it is time for you to leave home. We, at Shimi Medicine, organize pre-departure events where all students and parents attend to meet each other and receive useful information about their relocation to the city of the university. There is a detailed presentation about enrolment and tuition fee deadlines also the amount of money students should have with them the first week they are there, including how to apply for a residence permit, find an apartment, open a bank account and even purchase a phone SIM card. University rules, timetables and exam schedules will be provided, but, most of all the students and parents will be able to have any queries answered easing their minds of going into the unknown.

Settlement Abroad

We register students at the university they decide to apply and our local support staff are there to greet and transfer all students from the airport to the temporary accommodation for the day, where they will have a briefing about the schedule that will follow. Our support staff will also help find housing (student residence or private residence), help the student settle in and provide information about the new environment, along with handling any procedural or bureaucratic issues that may arise in this process. What a better way to start the year; with a complimentary dinner party for our Shimi Medicine students to welcome them and wish them good luck on their new endeavour.

Continuous Support

With our onsite staff, we support students from their first study year until graduation with various issues that may arise in their day to day life (i.e. illness, emergency). We also monitor their academic progress and provide any academic support they may need. Moreover, our Operations and Recruitment Managers are just one phone call away and they are all ready and willing to solve any queries or problems that might arise.

Postgraduate Support

After graduation, Shimi Medicine has a dedicated team of qualified doctors who can provide in-depth advice on how new graduates can register at the respective medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine regulatory bodies in the United Kingdom or United States. We also offer job interview training, assistance to create a professional CV and advice on how to build a stronger medical profile in order to improve the chances of getting a long-term job.